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Silent screen siren Anita Page was one of the all time great beauties of the silver screen. Page began her career in New York in 1925 with a small role in the now classic "A Kiss For Cinderella." Other parts followed such as "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" (1926) and the lead role in "Beach Nuts," also in 1926. Hollywood beckoned! The golden blonde bombshell, now a star, was offered a long term contract at M-G-M.

"Telling The World" (1927), a smash hit, was her first M-G-M film which co-starred William Haines. Her next two films, "Navy Blues" (1927) and "The Flying Fleet" (1928) with Ramon Novarro, M-G-M's reigning romantic idol, were also very successful. However, her lead role opposite Joan Crawford in "Our Dancing Daughters" (1928) rocketed her into super stardom and a number one slot at the box office. Page got rave reviews and received more fan mail (over 10,000 letters per week) than any other star, except for Garbo.

In "While The City Sleeps" (1928), Page starred with the great Lon Chaney. Then "Our Modern Maidens" (1928) Again with Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and finally "Speedway" (1929).

In 1929, the "talkies" took over as silent films and their stars began to fade. Anita Page's beautiful image as a "Silent Screen Goddess" was threatened in spite of her visual appeal. M-G-M cast her in their very first "All-Talking, All-Dancing, All-Singing" Musical, "The Broadway Melody (1929). The film, a huge success, broke all records and won the Academy Award for "Best Picture" that year. The song "You Were Meant For Me" by Nacio Her Brown (Page's husband briefly in 1934) was written for Anita Page and sung to her in two different films, "The Broadway Melody" and "Hollywood Review of 1929." The song became a number one hit and remained Page's theme song through the rest of her career.

Anita Page retained her popularity in talkies, turning out fine performances in such films as "Free and Easy" (1930) and "Sidewalks of New York" (1931), Both with the legendary Buster Keaton. Other successes were "Gentleman's Fate (1930) with John Gilbert, "The Easiest Way" (1931) with Clark Gable and "Night Court" (1932) with Walter Huston. By 1933, Anita Page had starred in 34 films opposite some of Hollywood's greatest idol's. Her M-G-M contract was up and she broke the hearts of fans the world over by nnouncing her retirement as a motion picture star.

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